5 Sentences About Peacock in English for homework

5 Sentences About Peacock in English: Peacock is a beautiful bird known for its beauty all over India. Peacock is the national bird of India. Friends, if you are looking for 5 Sentences About Peacock in English for homework, we have written some beautiful lines on the peacock in this post.

Peacock is an adorable and beautiful bird. The voice of the peacock bird is lovely—everyone from children to older people like the peacock bird. Often the peacock bird has been described in many stories. The Peacock bird has been described in religious texts. Some Hindu deities are seen in the pictures sitting on top of the peacock bird.

5 Sentences About Peacock in English

Set 1

The peacock is the most beautiful bird.

It  has a long neck.

It  has blue feathers.

The peacock has a crown on its head.

The peacock is a very colorful bird.

Set 2

It dances in the rainy season.

Peacock looks beautiful.

The peacock is a famous bird in our country.

Peacock is found in various parts of the country.

Peacock is renowned for its mesmerizing beauty.

Set 3

It is one of the most beautiful birds on the earth.

It is our national bird.

To kill peacock in India is a crime.

Save peacocks for our nation and the environment.

Peacock has colorful feathers.

Set 4

It cannot fly like other birds in the empowerment.

It is a heavy bird.

The female peacock is called a peahen.

The female peacock does not have colorful feathers.

Its neck is long.

Set 5

Its eyes are small

The peahen does not have a long tail.

The peacock is found in India and some other countries.

The leading food of peacocks is grain, snakes, frogs, and insects.

The tail of the peacock is beautiful and colorful.

Set 6

All love this bird.

This bird is called a dancing bird.

The peacock tail has different.

Colored feathers.  

Indian people love peacocks.

Set 7

Peacocks cannot fly high into the sky.

It is a beautiful scene to see the cored.

Feathers of a peacock.

A peacock is a big bird.

Peacocks are the most fascinated birds among the other Birds on the earth.

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