Thirsty Crow Story in English Writing (in simple language)

Thirsty Crow Story in English Writing: Friends, you must have heard many tales to date, but the story “Thirsty Crow” has been famous among children for many years. Often grandparents tell “thirsty crow” story to their grandchildren. “Thirsty Crow” This story is a moral story that teaches us to face difficult situations with our thinking. “Thirsty Crow” is an inspirational story that teaches us the lesson of wisdom.

This story mentions a clever crow who is very thirsty and is wandering around in search of water; when he sees a pot of water, the water in that water pitcher is deficient; How the crow draws water out from the pitcher and quenches his thirst by drinking water is told in this short moral story.

Thirsty Crow Story in English Writing:

Thirsty Crow Story in English Writing

It was a hot summer day, it was very sunny outside, once in such an intense sun a crow was very thirsty that the crow started roaming here and there in search of water, suddenly he saw a pitcher of water near a house, the water was at the bottom of the pitcher.

The crow tried to drink water, but not even a drop came into its beak. After thinking for a while, he saw some pebbles lying around the pitcher. Picking them up from their beaks and pouring them into the pitcher one by one, the water slowly started coming up.

As soon as the water came on top of the pitcher, the crow started drinking water with its beak, and after quenching its thirst, the crow flew away happily.

Friends, if you get some suitable lessons from this Moral Story, then do share it with your classmates.

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